Bellamour Way

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Photographs of Buildings in Bellamour Way

The Forge & Reading Room Bellamour Way. 1966 Best Kept Village Competition. (below)

Bellamour Way (2)s.jpg

The old School Masters House now known as Elm Cottage. Pictured in 1966 when it sold at auction for £2,650. (below)

SchoolMasters as.jpg

Lucy Berry Cottage & Rose Villas Bellamour Way 1966. Best Kept Village Competion. (below)

Bellamour Way (3)s.jpg

Field Cottage, Lucy Berry Cottage & Rose Villas, with barrel cart outside, in 1910. Pear Tree Farm buildings can be seen in the middle distance behind the horse drawn cart. (below)

Bellamour Way (3a)gs.jpg

The High House Bellamour Way, taken in the 1980's when it housed the Post Office & village shop. (below)

Bellamour Way (7)s.jpg

Williscroft Place with local policeman and village boy. circa 1920 (below)

Bellamour Way (8)s.jpg

The village butcher and his staff outside his shop. circa 1920. The shop stood on what is now the Greyhound Pub car park. (below)

Bellamour Way (12)as.jpg

Malt House Farm Bellamour Way. (below)