1898 Miss Mansell and her class

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Miss Mansell and her class of 1898. Photograph by Fredric Bonney.
We know a lot about this photo, the names of all the pupils (as they were written on the back). We also know something about their history. We hope to add information about each pupil in the people section. If you can add to the information or correct the information please edit the entry or email us the information and we will enter it. Numbering is from top left to right. back row 11-19, second back 21-29 and so on. Information about individuals can be found by clicking the name.

Class Names
Number Surname First DoB Home
11 Jarvis Walter May 1892 Fishers Row
12 Devall Albert Feb 1892 Brook Street
13 Wooley John Grimley Oct 1892 Boughey Hall
14 Blackmore Edith March 1892 Warf Cottage
15 Middleton Phoebe 1891 Bank Top
16 Walkeden Millie Aprit 1892 Hollow Lane
17 Tomlison Ethel cell cell
18 Cope Alice 1894? Colton Road
19 Preston Julia Hilda Oct 1891 Boughey Hall
21 Rowley Reginald Louis 8 April 1892 - 20 June 1963 Williscroft Place, Brook Street Further information under People - "R" - Rowley
22 Devall Frederick Percy Jan 1893 Brook Street
23 Plant Thomas cell cell
24 Arblaster Eustance June 1892 Pear Tree Farm
25 Brain Samuel John Sept 1892 High Street
26 Williscroft Leonard April 1892 Bank Top
27 Conway Kate June 1892 Bellamour Hall
28 Preston Barbara 1892? cell
29 Robson Maria Feb 1892 Fisher Row
31 Ovenden Dorothea Sept 1893 Brook Street
32 Day Reginald May 1893 Brook Street
33 Bull Charlie April 1893 Bank Top
34 Meddings Alfred March 1893 Hollow Lane
35 Sharpe Jessie Nov? 1893 Colton Road
36 Yates Winifred May 1893 Bank House
37 Hunt Margery cell cell
38 Talbot Edith Aug 1894 High Street
39 Smith Maud Jan 1892 Fog Cottage
41 Myatt Elsie cell Bellamour Lodge
42 Myatt William July 1892 Browns Row
43 Robson Thomas April 1894 Fisher Row
44 Baylis Gurtrude cell cell
45 Rowley Florence July 1893 Stockwell Heath
46 Whitehouse Rachael cell cell
47 Parr George March 1893 Bank Top
48 Key William cell High Street