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The Parish Church of St. Mary, Colton

Image: photo of the church covered in snow

Colton Parish church is dedicated to St. Mary and has its foundations way back in the early12th. Century. Most of the present day church is a Victorian rebuild carried out in the 1860’s under the supervision of the well known Victorian architect Street. However the Tower, the south aisle wall attached to the Tower and the area used for the present day vestry, these are all remnants from the church built in the early 12th. Century.

There is a priest recorded at Colton in the Domesday book who must have been there in Saxon times. Where the Saxon church was if indeed there was one, we have no idea for certain. However, in the 19th. Century when the ground in front of Bellamour Lodge in the region marked on many old maps as being the site of an old chapel (now extant) was being dug , a number of skeletons were unearthed. Whether this was the site of the original Saxon church or at least the burial ground is a matter of conjecture.

Over the centuries there were a number of alterations to the church usually due to its state of deterioration However it underwent major renovations under Street. Whilst this was being done some of the original pre reformation wall paintings were discovered close to the small door in the south aisle. They were covered over but fortunately not before sketches were made of them which we still have a copy of.

For a longer article about the building please go to the Buildings page of our web site.

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