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People of Note

The Reverend Frederick Perrot Parker

Frederick Parker was rector of Colton for many years. He was born in Oxford in 1843. His father was a doctor in Oxford. He became a Master of Arts and a classical scholar. He became Rector of Colton in 1874 and lived in the rectory next to the church.

Image: photo of the Rectory, Colton

The Rectory in Colton

He was a very generous man and did a lot to help the parishioners of Colton. One of the kindly acts he performed was to provide a hot meal to any newly delivered Colton mother for a fortnight after she had given birth. The villagers held him in very high regard.

He was very interested in local history and is acknowledged as one of the Staffordshire antiquarians who helped establish the collection of historic documents at The William Salt library in Stafford and became one of the trustees of the collection. Whilst working on many of these documents he came across much that concerned Colton and he began to collect this information together to develop a history of the village of Colton.

He published much of what he had found as a book entitled 'Colton and the DeWasteneys' in 1879 and followed it with a second addition containing more of his researches. He was able to transcribe many old documents so that his two books supply present day researchers with a fund of knowledge and has provided a basis for much of our research for this web site.

He died on 21st. July 1921 still as Rector of Colton.


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