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We are pleased to present a range of events for local people, and for anyone else interested in the history of Colton village.

If you would like to know more about the events, please contact us.

  15th November 2013
Alton Abbey Dig - Dave Thomas
  19th December 2013
Christmas Meeting and Kings Bromley Historians
  16th January 2014
Black Country Chain and Nail Making - Allan Lloyd
  20th February 2014
The Pagets - Richard Stone
  20th March 2014
Local Archive Film - Ray Johnson
  17th April 2014
Things you may not know about Staffordshire - Alan Lewis
  15th May 2014
Birmingham Back to Backs - Mac Joseph
  19st June 2014
Presentation of Lottery Project Outcome
  17th July 2014
Field Visit - Sinai Park Burton on Trent
  21th August 2014
Field Visit - Birmingham Back to Backs
  18th September 2014
Vulcans Temple (Soho Foundry) - Andrew Lound
  16th October 2014
Members 15 Minuite Contributions and AGM
  20th November 2014
George and Arthur - Alan Walker
  1th December 2014
Christmas Meeting
  15th January 2015
The Beautiful Gothic Window - Alan Bloor
  19th Feruary 2015
The Fauld Explosion - James Major
  19th March 2015
Shugborough - Dinana Bar
  A list of the past events can be found here
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