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Colton History of a Staffordshire Village - New Book Published

As part of the Millenium Grant a few members of the History Society undertook the task of writing a book on the history of the village and it's residents. The book is now published.

Book cost Post and packaging UK Post and packaging outside UK
�12.99 �3.99 Please email
To order a copy of the book please send a cheque for (�16.98 UK) made payable to "Colton History Society"
Rest of world please email regarding postage and money transfer.
In all cases please remember to add the address of where to send the book.

Chapter   Page
1 Geology and Early History of Colton and its surroundings 1
2 Colton in the Anglo Saxon Period 9
3 Colton in the Norman Period 21
4 Colton in the Medieval Period 45
5 Colton in the Tudor Period 75
6 Colton in the 17th Century 95
7 Colton in the 18th Century 107
8 Colton in the 19th Century 121
9 The History of Education in Colton 139
10 The 20th Century 167
  Postscript - Significant changes to the village in the early 21st century 227
  Appendix 231

Reproduction of this publication in whole or in part without prior approval of the Society is strictly forbidden. Copyright Colton History Society 2007